Service Soars with Humility

We are so pleased that the Quad City Times devoted today’s editorial to our agency’s work. With pardonable pride, we reproduce the editorial here. Please see it in the Times today, or online here–while it is available.

New offices for Humility of Mary Housing


Service Soars with Humility

Our Quad-Cities celebrates a new home today for an organization instrumental in finding homes for the homeless.

Humility of Mary Housing, Inc., cuts a ribbon 3 p.m. today at a new facility at 3805 Mississippi Ave., Davenport. Today’s grand opening marks a welcome transition for the group that arose from a religious order with more than 100 years of service to our community. The Sisters of Humility opened the St. Vincent’s Home for orphans in the 1890s. Their community-based ministry launched transitional housing efforts 21 years ago to coach homeless Quad-Citians into jobs and careers.

Today, Humility Housing operates 47 apartments and, last year, directly assisted 75 single parents and 150 children on the path to self-sufficiency.

The results are outstanding.

– 83 percent find permanent housing.

– 92 percent report more education and job training.

– 44 percent report increases in earned income by the time they left the program.

– For 33 percent, that income exceeded $1,000 per month.

Those results come from a program where 61 percent of participants are survivors of domestic violence, 16 percent had drug dependency, and 15 percent reported treatment for mental illness.

Those stellar results are what convinced community partners to support the $850,000 purchase and renovation of this new headquarters.

Assisting the less fortunate in our community is not a problem that will be solved and crossed off a list. It is a biblical imperative, also shared by many faiths, that continues forever. The Sisters of Humility’s century-long service to our community attests to their compassionate commitment. That service attracts a legion of volunteers and generous supporters who made today’s grand opening possible.

Please join them by visiting today’s open house, or contacting them to learn how to support this effective ministry.

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