Nearly one of every four U.S. children lives in poverty

Boxcar ChildrenGovernment standards consider  a family of four impoverished if they take in less than $22,000 a year. Couple that with government projections of unemployment, and the poverty rate for kids in the U.S. will soon hit 25 percent, according to recent estimates.

“Those children would be the largest American generation to be raised in hard times since the Great Depression,” says PressTV.

As you saw in a previous blog post here, in Seminole County Florida– near Orlando–so many kids have lost their homes that school busses now stop at dozens of cheap motels where families crowd into rooms, living week to week.

We at HMHI also serve families who would otherwise be forced to live in motels. Our program offers them a safe place to live and provides them the opportunity to become independent.

American families have dropped out of the middle class in record numbers. The combination of lost jobs and millions of foreclosures means that many more than we’ve seen in recent decades are suffering from hunger and homelessness. That means many more children are poor.

According to a revised report by the Census Bureau, overall poverty in 2009 stood at 15.7 percent, or 47.8 million people. MSNBC

One in five American children lives in poverty and one in four American child is on food stamps. Economic Collapse

More than 16.7 million children live in households that struggle to put food on the table.

Critics say the poverty line does not take into consideration certain factors such as rent or the median price of a home. If it did, the percentage of Americans living under the poverty line would raise to 30 percent. Wise Geek

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