Christmas giving opportunities brighten holidays for families, people without homes

Christmas gift programs
Help a child in need or any person experiencing homelessness at Christmas time with our gift-giving opportunities.

As the season of giving approaches, everyone looks forward to Christmas. We have opportunities for you to make a difference to a stranger in need this season.

We at Humility of Mary Housing would like to provide presents for our families with children. Once agani, the theme for our Christmas giving is: Something that I want, Something that I need, Something that I’ll wear and Something that I’ll read. Registration to sponsor one family this Christmas is underway. To sponsor Christmas presents for a family experiencing homelessness, contact Patti at 563-326-1330. She will find you a family that matches your ability to give.

Another Christmas Giving Program

Humility of Mary Shelter, our sister agency, would like donors to provide $20 gift cards specifically from Dollar Tree Stores. Dollar Tree Stores are close to Davenport bus routes and will allow Shelter participants to choose their own Christmas present. For people experiencing homelessness, life seems very out of control. By gifting them with a gift card, you provide not only a gift but also the ability for them to choose what they want. This is a ‘hidden’ gift: restoring a bit of control over their own lives to people who don’t have a home.

Humility of Mary Shelter will need 175 $20 gift cards from the Dollar Tree for their participants in both the emergency shelter and the veterans programs. They are hoping that the public will help them make Christmas merry for their program participants.

The “Fine Print”

Santa needs to plan his route! So, we’d like to receive Christmas donations by December 11. Bring all donations to 3805 Mississippi Ave. in Davenport from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8 AM- 4 PM. For questions and clarifications on the Christmas giving programs for Humility of Mary Shelter and Humility of Mary Housing, call Patti at 563-326-1330.

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