A welcoming face at HMHI fosters our children

You can say that the Generations program sent Moezella Stokes to us in April this year, but we know that she was heaven-sent. Moezella serves as a receptionist for us at HMHI; she’s the welcoming face and reassuring spirit who greets everyone who comes in the door of our home office at 1228 East 12th Street in Davenport.

Moezella frequently interacts with the children of the families who participate in our program. When their parent is occupied in a meeting at the office, Moezella visits with the kids in the waiting room. One day she dreamed up an activity that would turn that “down time” for the kids into productive, asset-building time.

Moezella sponsored a coloring activity and purchased prizes from her own personal funds to spark the children:

HMHI has been really good to me. I enjoy my job, and I appreciate the generosity of the people I work with. I wanted to do something to help the children.


And the results: Smiles, pride, and the sense of accomplishment as judge Gertrude Vogel honored the winners in our office.

We’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

All of our participants are precious to all of us at HMHI. Thanks for helping us help them turn their dreams of a home for their family into reality.


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