Volunteer Hours Add Support to Families in Need

Humility of Mary Housing and Humility of Mary Shelter will host an informational evening on volunteering with the agencies on Thursday, August 31 from 6pm to 7pm at Humility of Mary Housing, 3805 Mississippi Ave. in Davenport.  Men, women and teens are encouraged to attend. Topics will include the application process, current short term and ongoing volunteer needs, the upcoming Fresh Start Benefit Sale and other opportunities.  Hours and days are flexible to meet your busy schedule!  If you’re looking for a place to make a difference, please come to the meeting!  RSVP to 563-326-1330 x 105.

summer volunteer
YouthWorks volunteer teen prepares an apartment for a family without a home.

by Patti TrappIt has been a crazy busy summer, and I just can’t thank my wonderful volunteers enough for their dedication and service. Volunteers contributed over 14,000 hours to Humility of Mary Housing over the past fiscal year, 7/1/2016 to 6/30/2017! I honestly don’t know where we would be without volunteer help.

We saw volunteers everywhere! They worked:

  • office reception,
  • data entry,
  • helping in accounting,
  • assistant to the Executive Director,
  • helping maintenance,
  • painting,
  • cleaning,
  • processing in the donation center,
  • working the Fresh Start Benefit Sales,
  • handling recycling,
  • repairing furniture,
  • rehabbing furniture,
  • researching donated items,
  • creating displays in the donation center, and as 
  • assistant to me, Volunteer Coordinator.

That’s a long list of ways volunteers have blessed us and served our participant families this year!

In addition, there were countless hours worked by RSVP, AARP and those volunteering through workman’s comp. Companies with an injured worker have them volunteer until their physician releases them to return to work. Workman’s compensation volunteers work within the physical limitations dictated by the physician. Studies show there is less depression when people are working and interacting with others. Less depression means faster healing time. It’s a win-win for everyone!

We have also been blessed this year by a partnership with Goodwill Industries. We have had volunteers from the Day Rehabilitation group every two weeks. These folks have spread joy as they have helped on special projects.

There is always a project and a place you can join in. Want to learn more about volunteerism? Call Patti, 563-326-1330, Volunteer Coordinator for Housing and Shelter.

HMHI Volunteers accomplish agency work, assist struggling families

Brown Mackie extern
Charles, an IT extern from Brown Mackie College, assisted us by mapping our intranet, inventorying our tech equipment and updating and rehabbing our computers.

This summer we were been blessed with the services of  three externs from Brown Mackie College. Each of these men completed 120 hours of service as a requirement of graduation. We used the skills and talents of two externs in business and one IT extern. So, we received 360 hours of help! We hope to continue to work with Brown Mackie College in the future.

St. Ambrose University Urban Plunge
St. Ambrose University Urban Plunge participants helped us with landscaping at the agency offices–something we’d never have the opportunity to do. Our time is dedicated to the families we serve.

In addition, since July we’ve hosted four volunteer teams at our properties around Davenport. These groups have mowed, weeded, trimmed bushes and stained porch rails and decking. Each property has improved in appearance. We are very grateful because this work is beyond the scope of our staff’s time to accomplish. We appreciate the services of the Augustana Leadership Team,  McGladry Team, a team from John Deere and the students from St. Ambrose participating in the Urban Plunge!

The United Way Day of Caring will take place in two weeks. HMHI will host 97 volunteers, in 4 teams.  Two teams come to us from John Deere, another from QCR Holdings, and another team from Midland Information Resources. If the weather permits, we will be painting and staining at the remaining properties. This boosts our efforts to have every property winterized and ready for upcoming cold weather.

We don’t ever forget that there are countless others who volunteer weekly at HMHI. Some help in the donation center, others assist with data entry and bookkeeping, others help with the maintenance staff.

Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers! If you’re interested in volunteering, contact our volunteer director, Patti, at HMHI.

Volunteer! Join the cause

Volunteers of all ages help us address homelessness, supporting the work of Humility of Mary Housing, Inc. in many ways. Volunteer help could range from direct action with participating families, to helping maintain properties or working to raise funding for programs.

yardwork volunteerOver the past year dozens and dozens of volunteers have contributed hundreds of volunteer hours at HMHI. This represents an outpouring of community support. Volunteers are a pillar of strength that allow HMHI to continue its important mission in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Your contribution is most welcome! Visit the volunteer page, or contact the volunteer director for more information. Both individual and group opportunities are available.

ambrose urban plunge
St. Ambrose University Urban Plunge students donated a morning of labor, Fall 2015. “We absolutely enjoyed the day and would like to thank you for the opportunity to help,” they said.
volunteers serving food
Volunteers serve hot dogs at HMHI’s annual Family Night at the Family Museum event in Bettendorf, IA, June 2012.

Music, festivities, food highlighted our New Orleans Jazz Brunch, but the speakers inspired!

The Sarah Marie Young Ensemble spiced up the brunch with jazz.

The good times were rolling at our second New Orleans-style Jazz Brunch fundraiser at the Crow ValleyGolf Club Sunday. The setting was lovely, and the musical stylings of the Sara Marie Young ensemble from Chicago added the touch that took “special” to “superlative.”

But the most important element of all: all the event’s proceeds will assist single parent families who are experiencing homelessness.

A program participant inspired the group by sharing how, by receiving the right help at the right time, she was able to move her family from homelessness to housing stability and a future full of hope.

We value what everyone contributes. The financial support of our event’s attendees translates into direct assistance to the most needy and vulnerable. And, just as important as the financial support, we value the “hands on” help that others can provide. One attendee wrote us afterward:

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Jazz Brunch today. The food was great, the musical group was fantastic and the stories told of the turnarounds in peoples’ lives were so inspiring. Saw a few tears here and there. If I could be of any help volunteering my time, I would be grateful to help. I paint, wash windows, do light repairs and can pick up donations. Please let me know if you can use some help.

New Orleans Jazz Brunch event 2011

It is all about helping the families that need it most. To all our supporters, we thank you. If you missed the Jazz Brunch this year, maybe you can make it next year. Your assistance and support everyday is what makes our program a success. Thank you!

Gertrude Vogel, HMHI volunteer, honored by CFGRB

From Susan Skora’s Blog, president and CEO of the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend:

Six outstanding volunteers received Quad City Caring Awards last night [9/28/2010] at our annual celebration, held at the i Wireless Center. Award recipients are chosen from nominees who demonstrate selflessness and a long-term commitment to service. Nominations are made by non-profit organizations, and each recipient receives a $1,000 grant for their nominating organization…

Gertrude Vogel, nominated by Humility of Mary Housing, Inc. Gertrude recently celebrated her 90th birthday. She has hardly missed a day in 20 years of volunteering at the Humility of Mary Housing, sorting donations and preparing for the next garage sale, which has grown so much it’s now held at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds.


Congratulations, Gertrude, on this well-deserved

recognition! We are both proud of you and grateful to you!


Photo credit: Community Foundation of the Great River Bend.

Photo caption: At 90, Gertrude Vogel was the oldest award recipient this year.