1 Very good reason we support two generations of Quad Cities citizens

You never know how the events in a child’s life will shape his future. Sister Mary Ann Vogel, one of the founders of HMHI, always states that we support two generations at once. While we are helping the parent, we are creating positive influence in the lives of the children.

A perfect example of this took place today in history; July 17, 1955 was the opening day of Disneyland, the brainchild of Walt Disney. He has brought joy to the world through his cartoons, movies and theme parks.

Walt Disney
Walt Disney (photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Walt is the son of Elias Disney, who was a construction worker for the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, the first United States World’s Fair. Watching his father work on the creation of a wonderful city for the public may well have been the source of inspiration for the later creation of Disneyland. Author Erik Larson cites this as a source of inspiration for Walt in his book, Devil in the White City.

Elias was a farmer most of his life, but the growing depression spurred him into a new field, construction. Son Walt saw the imaginary city that was created for the World’s Fair and later created a dynasty far beyond the dreams of anyone to date.

We Support Two Generations

Who knows how we influence the next generation? We do know this. By helping keep families off the street and in homes, the children are in stable environments and have access to schools, activities and hopefully are free to discover all that life has for them. Will another great like Walt Disney one day say they can attribute their beginnings to their stay with HMHI? Who knows, but for now, we know that every day is a chance for greatness to spring forth.