Summer Heat Creates Need for Families without Homes

need fans, air conditioners
Apartments can be uncomfortable in summer heat. We can use help keeping our families cooler.

Summer heat arrived, and that makes life less comfortable for the families HMHI serves. Our apartments don’t have central air conditioning. So, window fans and window air conditioners are a great assistance in the heat of the summer.

Used appliances that work well are as welcome as new ones. The size of the unit isn’t really an issue. As long as the appliance can plug into a regular electrical outlet, 110 volt.

Summer Heat, Special Need

HMHI provides nearly 50 apartments in Davenport to house families experiencing homelessness. Currently, they are all full. We’re serving over 100 children who would otherwise have nowhere to live.

Life is stressful for families without roots. Heat adds to that stress. Your donation of a window air conditioner or fan will alleviate problems and add comfort to lives that circumstances have been disrupted.

With your help, we will better serve the most vulnerable children in our metropolitan area.