Graduating another family into a happier future

amanda's graduationAmanda and her son Elijah, successful participants in our program, joyfully celebrated her graduation from Hamilton Tech College. Amanda completed the requirements for her Medical Assisting Diploma last weekend, on February 23.

Amanda earned an award as well for Excellent Attendance.

The Medical Assistant is trained to work with and under the direction of a physician in patient care and in administrative aspects of the physician’s office or other medical settings. Amanda’s training taught her clinical techniques including examining room procedures, obtaining vital signs and medical histories, performing routine laboratory procedures, sterilizing and maintaining equipment, and the proper techniques for administering medications.

With a degree in hand, Amanda is equipped with skills that can earn her a position in the medical field. She thereby has completed an important accomplishment which will advance her on the path to independent living.

Support means success

Adding support at the critical time changes lives. At HMHI, transformations the seem miraculous are normal. Desperate adults who once lacked housing become productive, tax-paying citizens. Children gain new respect for their parents and learn that there is a different way to live. The following stories of some families recently supported show that changing lives is possible. To learn more about HMHI services, visit the program page.

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Just this year, Patty and her daughter transitioned out of the HMHI program when Patty graduated from St. Ambrose University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. She secured a position at Marquette Academy in Davenport, teaching second grade. Patty and her daughter Hayley now can live in housing of their own choice, paying fair market rent.

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Robyn and her daughter Brett transitioned out of the HMHI program and purchased a home with Robyn’s fiance, Justin. Robyn gained employment at Toys ‘R’ Us while she was in the program and was promoted to Department Supervisor last spring. Justin, a veteran with nine years of military experience, currently works with the U.S. Army on the Rock Island (IL) Arsenal Garrison. Brett is completing high school. Robyn credits her success while in the HMHI program to her goal-oriented focus.

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Jennifer, a former HMHI participant of Native American heritage, completed her associate of Arts degree while participating in the HMHI program. She is now attending the University of Iowa where she is attending classes leading to her Bachelor of Arts degree. Jennifer inspired us while in the HMHI program with her volunteer work, going beyond the accomplishment of her own educational goals to contribute to the betterment of others. She and her son were well-known and well-liked volunteers at HMHI fund-raising functions.

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Jacquelyn, a current participant, works full time as a certified nursing assistant while raising her son James, a student very active in sports. In addition to fulfilling her family’s work and school responsibilities, Jackie takes delight in her flower beds and cares for the yard at her HMHI apartment with great pride.

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