Successful fall sale capped by Quad City Times support

photo credit Quad City Times
Photo Credit: Quad City Times, Jeff Cook. Shoppers loved the bargains at last weekend’s Fall Fresh Start Sale. Proceeds benefited our HMHI programs.

The semi-annual fall sale last weekend cleared lots of merchandise from our warehouse, sending it to new homes in the Quad Cities. The rummage sale of items donated to Humility of Mary Housing will benefit the programs that empower single parent families that are in need of homes. This was the first fall Fresh Start Sale at our new agency headquarters, a building that we moved into just one year ago.

We’re always grateful to communicate our message to the wider community and let the Quad Cities know about the great work we’re doing to make our area a better, more productive place to live. So we were blessed to receive coverage in the Quad City Times in an article by Jennifer DeWitt.

Gertrude Vogel and Sue Purcell
Gertrude Vogel (left) and Sue Purcell sort donations to use and sell at the Fresh Start Sale.

DeWitt’s article focused on the origins of the Fresh Start Sale. What is now grown into a huge event had humble beginnings in the garage of Gertrude Vogel, long-time volunteer at HMHI. Gertrude is still a daily visitor at HMHI who maintains a lively interest and involvement in the sale.

The Times article went beyond the sale itself to explain to the public the mission that the Fresh Start Sale funds: transitional and permanent housing for single parent families. For just $35 dollars a day, we are able to support and launch a formerly homeless family, empowering them to achieve housing independence. That’s money well spent.

The Fresh Start Sale crew will now set its sights on preparations for the Spring Sale 2013.