Micro Volunteer Week 2017 at Humility of Mary Housing, Inc.

The world commemorates Micro Volunteer Day each April 15. At HMHI, we make a good thing better: April 10-16 is Micro Volunteer Week! For mere minutes each day, you can volunteer from the comfort of your home to make life better for local families escaping homelessness. We’ll send you your “mission” by email. Anyone with an email address and Internet can participate!

April 10-16, 2017 Micro Volunteer Week

To learn more and register to participate, just click here. It’s so easy! Satisfying!

And we are grateful for your help…! We’ll have a little surprise for all our micro volunteers. And, we’ll thank you in our annual report. So, don’t delay…grab your opportunity to help the children in families who need their own bed. 


micro volunteer week


Micro Volunteer Week: April 10-15 at HMHI

micro volunteer weekHMHI is celebrating Micro Volunteer Week April 10-15 by providing volunteer activities that supporters can accomplish at home in just minutes a day. These actions help raise public awareness of the important work HMHI accomplishes as it houses single-parent families experiencing homelessness.

Micro Volunteer Week Activities

Sunday, April 10    Sign Up Online HERE

Volunteer in your pj’s! Acquaint yourself with our website and Facebook page. Read our articles, add comments and share with your friends! Help us raise awareness of our work!  Pledge your support for the micro volunteer week by filling out the Micro Volunteer Form online CLICK HERE.

Monday, April 11

Facebook overlay
Facebook overlay
selfie with HMHI sign


Your selfie can make a difference!  Take a selfie with an ’I support HMHI’ sign and post it on your Facebook page. Or add the special HMHI overlay to your Facebook profile picture. It’s easy: just click here to add the overlay to your Facebook profile photo.

Tuesday, April 12

Birdies for Charity logoBirdies for Charity is coming soon! The John Deere Classic, ‘Birdies for Charity’ will pledge drive begins this month. Sign up online [CLICK HERE] to receive HMHI’s Birdies pledge card in the mail. Let’s make this Birdies event the best one yet! Through this fund-raising event, John Deere supports many local charities, including HMHI’s program to house local families experiencing homelessness.

Wednesday, April 13

Donate/Challenge Day!  $35 supports one family for one day in our program that assists families experiencing homelessness. Donate any amount and challenge your friends, family and co-workers to do the same. Contribute on our DONATE NOW PayPal link–it’s convenient and secure.

Thursday, April 14

Help Fill Pantry Shelves/Support HMHI!  Bring a 12 pack of toilet paper or a large jug of laundry soap to HMHI at 3805 Mississippi Ave., Davenport 52807 between 8 am and 3 pm. See our needs list for other items to contribute. Stay and spend 15 – 30 minutes helping us process donations. Can’t come in? Write a message to encourage a parent escaping homelessness, and mail it to our office.

Friday, April 15

The Spring Fresh Start Benefit Sale is Friday and Saturday April 29 & 30, from 8 am to 4 pm. Share the Fresh Start Benefit Sale event info widely. Download and print copies of the event flyer and post them at work, school, church…everywhere!

Want to become a regular HMHI volunteer? Call the office, 563-326-1330 and ask for Patti for details.

Learn more about micro volunteering in this short video: