Leading by example, HMHI’s Debra Morgan achieves her dream

Debra Morgan and quilt
Quilter Debra Morgan realized her dream when President Obama signed the quilt project she created (seen behind her): “Journey Quilt.”

Goals are achieved through hard work and determination, and HMHI’s Debra Morgan can speak to her participants with authority on that subject. Her quilting creation, entitled “Journey Quilt,” now bears the signature of a sitting U.S. president.

The project’s panels depict the struggles and successes of African-Americans through U.S. history, from slavery through civil rights to national leadership.

Completing the quilt was accomplishment enough. But Debra’s dream was even bigger:

¬†“Ever since I created the quilt, my goal was to have President Obama sign it.”

Obama’s recent visit to Davenport gave Debra the opportunity to make her dream come true. The Argus-Dispatch article by Dawn Neuses tells the story of how Debra was able to secure that signature.

Her next goal is to use the quilt as a way to inspire. She told the Argus that the quilt relates a story about all people coming together to create a new world. It is message for all, especially children, she said.

For several years Debra has served as a site manager for HMHI families affected by mental illness and/or brain injury. Her presence provides on-site support for those HMHI parents and children. We know that her message and her presence will continue to inspire our participants. Now, thanks to the cooperation of President Obama and to her generously sharing the story of her own dream-come-true, she has also inspired the greater community of the Quad Cities.

For more photos of Debra and the quilt, see the impressive gallery by photographer Paul Colletti of the Argus.