Leadership supporting families in crisis

HMHI leaders cut ribbon on new officesFamilies participating in HMHI programs access professional assistance from an organization that has won respect state-wide. Humility of Mary Housing, Inc. leaders have carefully grown the agency from its initial four units to its current 49 housing units.

HMHI offers a compassionate and informed approach to families that bear the trauma and stress that accompanies homelessness. The agency is a leader with a pioneering programming model as well as by its principle of holding participants to a standard that will support success.

Humility of Mary Housing, Inc. recognizes the important work family shelters accomplish. It partners closely with the programs that provide such shelter in the Quad Cities. At the same time, for the last twenty-two years HMHI has pioneered a different sort of program to assist single-parent families who lack stable housing.

Treating each family individually, HMHI recognizes that each family has unique needs and assets.

Alternatives to shelter living can and do work.

Humility of Mary Housing, Inc. is leading an alternative model to the traditional shelter approach. That model creates positive results…every day.

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