Our Benefit Sale Weekend: New location for great value

2011 sale
This QC Times photo from 2011 shows the magnitude of our sale!

Our annual benefit sale has a new Davenport location this weekend: 3805 Mississippi Avenue. Our new office building and donation center is large enough to accommodate a wealth of donated items we’ll be selling from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, May 19, and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, May 20.

Our office building is located off Kimberly Avenue, between Bridge and Eastern Streets, just north of the Habitat ReStore and east of Dahl Ford.

The sale continues to carry a large selection of gently used and new items, all in working condition. Sale items include house wares, bedding, toys, jewelry, gift items, furniture, books, games and much more. This year clothing has been added to the sale. Our prices are very reasonable!

All sale proceeds help us provide housing and program services for single parents and their children who have been homeless.

There will be two sales annually, one in the spring and another in the fall.

Don’t miss our new location: View Larger Map! We hope to see you this weekend.

Impoverished children face new school year without supplies

Back to school for this boy and his Spiderman backpack

One of a child’s exciting “moments” of the year is anticipating back-to-school. The year ahead is a blank slate–surely ready to reveal new wonders! But for nearly 20,000 students in the Quad Cities–and for our 100 HMHI children–who come from families with incomes low enough to qualify for free & reduced meals and fees, there’s also some anxiety.

Will I have the supplies that the teacher expects me to have? Will my mom be able to afford the clothing and shoes I need for school? Children without the basics experience shame and embarrassment, particularly when their peers notice what they lack.

Every year we try to help our participating families to acquire the back-to-school basics that they must have. The school supply lists are lengthy, and our single parent families are stretched to equip their children adequately–particularly when they have two or more students in schools.

You can assist us by dropping off school supplies during office hours [Monday-Friday, 8 AM-4 PM] at our office at

1228 E. 12th Street, Davenport, Iowa;  563/326-1330 (Phone)

These are supplies our HMHI children need that are in short supply:

  • Dry Erase Markers
  • Bookbags
  • Small bottles of hand sanitizer
  • 1 quart Ziploc baggies
  • Highlighters
  • Spiral notebooks
  • Paper towels
  • Composition notebooks
  • 3×5 index cards
  • Post it notes
  • 1″ – 3 ring binders
  • Plastic tab divider pages
  • Graph paper
  • 3 subject notebooks
  • Scientific Calculators
  • Calculators
  • USB flash drives

Most of our students are also expected to have these supplies:

  • 24 pk crayons
  • 4 oz. bottles of Elmer’s glue
  • Glue sticks
  • 8 pk washable markers
  • #2 pencils
  • Pocket folders
  • Fiskar scissors
  • Boxes of Kleenex
  • Wide ruled loose leaf paper
  • Colored pencils
  • Pencil tip erasers
  • Big pink erasers
We are so grateful for you for any supplies you can share. Your assistance will brighten the eyes and lighten the hearts of our children.
Image credit: David Lassman/ The Post-Standard as seen on Syracuse.com

Welcome to Fostering Futures!

Neighborhood spring flowers trumpet the arrival of our new blog!

At Humility of Mary Housing we’re about the work of building brighter tomorrows.

We love what we do: giving opportunities to single-parent families who are experiencing the insecurity and instability of life without a home.

Our transitional housing program allows them the safe space they need to reorganize and equip themselves to go forward into a better tomorrow. The nurturing space we offer can be just what they need to become self-sufficient.

Our greatest joy is seeing families leave our program to move into housing of their own choosing.

In this ongoing journal we call “Fostering Futures” we want to share with you some of the pieces that contribute to those brighter tomorrows.

And…(never forget this!): You are an important part of the process!

So we welcome you to our new site on the internet. We hope that this will be a place where we will:

  • Show some personal glimpses of who we are and what we do
  • Introduce you to some of the wonderful people who help us
  • Share news and information that affects our families and our work, and
  • Provide opportunities for you to partner with us in our important work.

Come back and visit us often. Let’s foster some brighter futures together!