Housing Is a Human Right–We Still Believe

homeless woman
Homelessness is nothing new in the US.

We remember the date exactly: October 7, 1989. The Davenport Humility Sisters (CHMs) organized a Quad City pilgrimage to Washington, DC that weekend to participate in the National March to End Homelessness. About this event, the New York Times reported: “Tens of thousands march to protest the shortage of decent, affordable housing.”

The Sisters returned to Davenport inspired. They resolved to make a difference right here in the Quad Cities.

One year later, they established Humility of Mary Housing, Inc. Over the years it continued to grow while providing housing and services to single parent families.

Over twenty five years later, the need for affordable housing has grown. And the need for our services is still present. 

Housing Is a Human Right

So, we reaffirm our belief:

We Still Believe ….Parents want the very best for their children and at times may need assistance in finding a home, good paying jobs to afford housing, while continuing their personal and professional growth …..

We Still Believe …. Families fleeing violent situations in their homes need a safe place to heal, restore relationships, and rebuild a sense of home ….

We Still Believe . . . Persons with limited physical and mental abilities, who are struggling to earn enough money to afford market rate housing, need a safe place to lie their head at night ….

We Still Believe …. Veterans who come home with visible and invisible scars and struggle to reconnect with their home community, families and friends still need a place to call home ….

We Still Believe . . . Governments and the private sector share a responsibility to work together to help build good, quality affordable housing, in safe vibrant neighborhoods.