HMHI families see a Davenport, IA River Bandits game

River Bandits' scordboard
A perfect evening for River Bandits’ ballgame!

Our participating families are relieved to receive a secure place to live. With your help, HMHI can provide them with that and a few other foundational needs. Nevertheless, their lives continue to entail difficulties. They are working hard to accomplish the goals that will allow them to reach housing independence and financial wellbeing. It is not easy, and there is very little for the “extras” that can make summertime special.

Thanks to a generous supporter, who gifted HMHI with tickets to a River Bandits baseball game, our families had the opportunity to attend a home game on Monday. What a wonderful opportunity for fun for our participants who were able to take advantage of this offer!

River Bandits ball game
Fans enjoy the River Bandits’ game!

Can you spot our participating families? Of course not! They look like many other families in the Quad Cities. And, like many families, our participants really enjoyed that special summertime event: a baseball game!