Humility of Mary Housing to Merge with Humility of Mary Shelter

HMHI HMSI to merge
Humility of Mary Housing is set to merge with Humility of Mary Shelter, forming a new agency.

Humility of Mary Housing, Inc. and Humility of Mary Shelter, Inc. are merging.  The goal is to fully integrate operations of both organizations by July 1, 2018. Combined, Humility of Mary Housing, Inc. and Humility of Mary Shelter, Inc. have worked to secure safe, stable housing for 5,952 adults and 2,442 children .

With the decision to merge, the Board of Directors of both agencies remain committed to the social justice principles on which the Congregation of the Humility of Mary sisters established both organizations.

In December 2016, members of both agency Boards established a unified board. A Transition Team consisting of Board members and staff began to work with consultants Patricia Shea and Chuck Roberson to identify key issues related to the merger process.

In August 2017, the Unified Board signed a two-year contract with Mission + Strategy, a Chicago-based consulting firm specializing in mergers and consolidations of human services organizations. 

Agencies’ Histories

In 1987, Sisters of the Congregation of the Humility of Mary met with community leaders and residents to discuss pressing social justice issues and community needs. This group considered the need for more housing opportunities for the very poor and homeless. On October 7, 1989, the Sisters organized a Quad City pilgrimage to Washington, DC to participate in the National March to End Homelessness. They joined tens of thousands, marching to protest the shortage of decent, affordable housing. 

The Sisters returned to Davenport intent upon making a difference in the Quad Cities. A year later they established Humility of Mary Housing, Inc. Over the years it grew, providing housing and services to single parent families.

Almost 20 years later, in 2008, residents of Davenport learned the John Lewis Shelter needed significant building improvements and faced steep financial problems. Without an operator, the shelter would close within 30 days. Following an urgent community-wide meeting of local stakeholders, the Sisters considered a possible role. With the promise of Quad City financial support, the Congregation formed a new corporation. Humility of Mary Shelter, Inc. opened on September 21, 2008. With the help of supporters and donors from the Quad City area and across the country, it has remained open every day since!

Agency leaders are confident that the merger builds upon the foundation of the 1989 pilgrimage to Washington, DC and all subsequent work and progress. The struggle to provide decent, safe and affordable housing continues.


Our Benefit Sale Weekend: New location for great value

2011 sale
This QC Times photo from 2011 shows the magnitude of our sale!

Our annual benefit sale has a new Davenport location this weekend: 3805 Mississippi Avenue. Our new office building and donation center is large enough to accommodate a wealth of donated items we’ll be selling from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, May 19, and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, May 20.

Our office building is located off Kimberly Avenue, between Bridge and Eastern Streets, just north of the Habitat ReStore and east of Dahl Ford.

The sale continues to carry a large selection of gently used and new items, all in working condition. Sale items include house wares, bedding, toys, jewelry, gift items, furniture, books, games and much more. This year clothing has been added to the sale. Our prices are very reasonable!

All sale proceeds help us provide housing and program services for single parents and their children who have been homeless.

There will be two sales annually, one in the spring and another in the fall.

Don’t miss our new location: View Larger Map! We hope to see you this weekend.

Quad Cities and Clifford help HMHI help homeless families

Family night flier
HMHI and Clifford invite you to fun at the Family Museum

Clifford and the whole family will have fun at the Family Museum in Bettendorf on June 11 from 5:00 PM until 8:00 PM. This special evening at the museum will include access to the exciting exhibits and activities there. But, even more exciting–we’ll entertain special guests, such as balloon artists. And, we’ll provide hot dogs and treats for all! All this for the special value admission price of only $5.

The proceeds will go to support the work of Humility of Mary Housing, Inc–a nonprofit organization that provides transitional housing to single-parent homeless families. Your entertainment value will also help families less fortunate.

We’d love to see you and your family at the Family Museum in Betterdorf on Saturday evening! Come, join us!

Call in your reservation to attend at 563 326-1330.

HMHI Family wins Healthy Family Challenge contest!

Shanna Wanton, one of our participants, came out a winner again this month. A contest aficionado, she and her family were selected as one of the three winning families in the Family Makeover Challenge, a contest she entered at Hy-Vee that promotes healthy lifestyle changes.

For winning, Shanna and her family will receive eight weeks of free membership at the YMCA.  And, while they are there, her family will have the extra benefit of personal trainers to work with them! In addition, the winners will also receive free classes from a dietitian at Hy-Vee that will help them improve their food choices. The eight week challenge is designed to help them improve their fitness, nutrition and achieve their weight management goals.

In the video clip (below) you’ll see Shanna’s interview on the Paula Sands Live segment that aired October 11:


For more information, check out the project website:

Congratulations, Shanna!

We’re hiring! Join our team!

Position Opening

Development Director for two non-profit agencies: Humility of Mary Housing and Humility of Mary Shelter.

Responsible for raising funds for operations of budgets totaling 2 million dollars, endowment funds, planned giving, and planning fund raising events. Requires experience of 3-5 years in development. Must have at least a BA in marketing, business, or non-profit management and be computer literate in fundraising programs.

Send resume to Finance Director Mary Ann Vogel at by June 16.

Summer & School Vacation: Reminding us why a home is so important

outdoor play equipment
With school on summer break, our children have more time for outdoor play.

As schools close for summer break, children need homes to which they can return for the summer months. Year round, homes provide stability and structure to children, assets they need to help them grow.

Homelessness affects children’s school performance, a reality that a recent report from Milwaukee attests. In the Milwaukee public school district, Hopkins Street School Psychologist Amanda McEwen says the staff deal with the effects of homelessness every day:

“With the little ones you’ll see acting out and temper tantrums. In the middle school students you’ll see anger, and violence, and fighting. And a lot of it is that underlying anxiety, and often times, depression, resulting from situations where they don’t know where they’re going to get their next meal, they don’t know where they’re going to be sleeping, they don’t know who is going to be home when they get home,” she says.

Summer’s here. Kids are home from school. It is deeply satisfying to us at HMHI to be about the work of providing homes where children know that they belong.

Thank you for helping us do that.