HMHI Family wins Healthy Family Challenge contest!

Shanna Wanton, one of our participants, came out a winner again this month. A contest aficionado, she and her family were selected as one of the three winning families in the Family Makeover Challenge, a contest she entered at Hy-Vee that promotes healthy lifestyle changes.

For winning, Shanna and her family will receive eight weeks of free membership at the YMCA.  And, while they are there, her family will have the extra benefit of personal trainers to work with them! In addition, the winners will also receive free classes from a dietitian at Hy-Vee that will help them improve their food choices. The eight week challenge is designed to help them improve their fitness, nutrition and achieve their weight management goals.

In the video clip (below) you’ll see Shanna’s interview on the Paula Sands Live segment that aired October 11:


For more information, check out the project website:

Congratulations, Shanna!