Davenport citizens: Survey input can help the homeless (by September 24)

Davenport Iowa map
Moderate to low income areas of Davenport are indicated in orange on the map.

A short online survey by the City of Davenport gives citizens the chance to help send federal funds to housing rehabilitation and economic development. The eight question survey will accept input until September 24.

The City of Davenport may focus Community Development Block Grant funds for housing rehabilitation and economic development in specific areas of the City based on the income of residents. This would provide important assistance to our HMHI program and participants. Your support of the proposal will help make it happen.

Community Development Block Grant funds are federal dollars that must be used for low to moderate income people. A portion of these funds can be used to support non-profits. This portion has decreased significantly (approximately $100,000) over the past two years. So the city must determine its priorities.

Fifteen different non-profits programs could benefit from $260,000 in CDBG money. Each of these programs addresses a different community need and therefore supports a different population.

The survey questions will help city officials determine a high, medium, and low priority to support these population groups in the future:

  • Homeless/Shelter
  • People with AIDS
  • People in need of transportation
  • People in need of affordable housing,
  • Physically and mentally handicapped,
  • Seniors,
  • Survivors of domestic violence/sexual abuse, and
  • Youth.

We hope you will consider the needs of families without homes as you offer your input.

Click through here or copy and paste this link in to your browser to access the survey: http://survey.constantcontact.com/survey/a07e689xb7ah5jlef9y/start