Love is in the air at HMHI

Remember the HMHI Valentine contest we mentioned last month?

A Valentine from an HMHI child to his/her mother.

We thought you’d enjoy seeing some of the entries our HMHI participating children made for their parents in the Valentine contest. They speak volumes! [Click each one to make it larger. If you’re receiving the email subscription update of the blog, click through to the website for a better look.]


Energizing our HMHI children with contests

We love to have special events to engage the children of our participating families. HMHI has two such contests this month. After all, we know that it’s the little extra things we do to support our kids that brighten their lives and their days these dark winter months. Besides, Valentine’s Day is approaching, and we need to be ready for it!

candy heartThe first contest is just for fun. Children from our program can guess how many candy hearts are in a jar. The child who comes closest to the correct number in the candy jar will receive a gift grab bag. This contest’s easy to enter. And, simply for entering, the participating children will receive a special valentine.

The second contest requires some creative self-expression. The contest asks our children to write a poetic expression to a loved one entitled “I Love You Because…”.  The writing contest winner will receive a $10.00 gift certificate from Subway. We appreciate Subway’s certificate donation in sponsorship of the poetry contest.

All entries will be submitted by February 8. We’re looking forward to reading the entries and being inspired by the sincerity and the poetry of our HMHI children. The winners will be announced February 12–just in time for Valentine’s Day!


HMHI Winners collect Thanksgiving pies

HMHI children's November winners
DJ and Liyah are pictured at Village Inn with their pies–prized trophies for winning the November HMHI essay contest.

What better prize can you win for a Thanksgiving essay contest than a pie compliments of Village Inn? That was the trophy take-home with which DJ and Liyah treated their families. DJ and Liyah were the winners in November’s essay contest. Their essay, entitled “Why My Family Loves to Celebrate Thanksgiving” took top honors among the  participating children from HMHI families.

HMHI thanks Village Inn, and manager Mani, for sponsoring this month’s contest prize. Everyone loves Village Inn pies, and they taste even better with you’ve earned them with your best writing!

Autumn contest fun for HMHI children

HMHI childrenOur HMHI children, who once knew housing insecurity, now eagerly participate in monthly contests where everyone wins. Mozella Stokes, our office receptionist, loves children and has a motherly knack for knowing what they will like. Due to her initiative and creativity,  the kids of our participating families can join seasonal activities that often get the entire family involved.

HMHI children & pumpkins
Samantha (left) and her brother Stephen, winner of 2nd prize, proudly brought the pumpkins for a display at HMHI’s office during Mozella’s fall contest.

Last week Mozella announced the winners of the fall pumpkin decorating contest. First place winner Alexis brought home a Happy Joe’s Famly Pizza Night for her family. Steven 2nd place winner (pictured), received a Marvel Hero Racing set. Mozella contacted Quad City HyVee stores to solicit pumpkin donations and requested Happy Joe’s for the first prize package sponsorship.

Every child who participated received a treat bag. All the children were able to bring the pumpkins back home to decorate their houses for Halloween. It was a winning event for all the families who took part.

Details of Mozella’s Thanksgiving contest, our final contest for 2012, are posted on the website Events Calendar page.