Bank of America awards grant to HMHI’s housing program

Bank of America grant
Heidi Parkhurst of Merrill Lynch (L) personally brought the Bank of America grant check to HMHI on December 2. Receiving the check in this photo are Emily Pries, Grants Manager, and Sandi Burrichter, Development Director.

Bank of America awarded Humility of Mary Housing a grant of $10,000 which will fund program support. This grant to HMHI represents Bank of America’s efforts to address issues of social responsibility. Their support in the areas of affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization are vital to helping people build better financial lives. On December 2, Heidi Parkhurst of Merrill Lynch visited the HMHI office to present the check personally.

Bank of America’s partnership with us at HMHI helps them meet the needs of low-income communities while preserving neighborhoods. Their grant to us is only one facet of their mission of corporate social responsibility. Learn more about their efforts and programs on their website.

Community support allows HMHI to continue its important work of housing single parent families who are experiencing homelessness. Having benefited from previous Bank of America backing, we appreciate Bank of America’s ongoing commitment to our programming. Their financial assistance stretches our donors’ funding contributions and allows us to continue our mission and strengthen our community.

Bank of America partners with Humility of Mary Housing, Inc.

Bank of America partnership
Single parent families will receive shelter in the Quad Cities through our new partnership.

Humility of Mary Housing, Inc. is pleased to announce our new partnership with Bank of America. The Bank of America Charitable Foundation has awarded us a $10,000 grant. This funding will help us to assist the 75 families that we serve each year, as they work toward achieving greater self-sufficiency in their lives.

Support of our ongoing efforts is vital to our success in helping single parent families experiencing homelessness achieve their goals of independence and self-sufficiency. With corporate support like this, we can continue to contribute to the quality of life in the Quad Cities Area by promoting health and supplying the important human need of secure housing to two generations of citizens.

Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Bank of America, through the work of their charitable foundation, aims to create a ripple effect of positive change and economic stability in communities across the country.

Thank you for your partnership, Bank of America! We look forward to an ongoing relationship with you.

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