Register here to participate in Micro Volunteer Week, April 10-15, 2017

Micro Volunteer Week allows you to volunteer for as little as 30 seconds a day–to assist families living a life of homelessness. Help us raise awareness. You can show others how HMHI combats the scourge of homelessness in the Quad Cities.

As a Micro Volunteer, you do a daily challenge—for just one week. It takes between one to 15 minutes to accomplish. You’ll raise awareness and reach other good folks. And, you do it without ever leaving home!

Register to participate. Then, we’ll email you each day with your daily challenge. You can preview the daily micro volunteer activities here:

Monday, April 10 

“Like” Humility of Mary Housing on Facebook  Read articles, add comments on the posts, share & help raise awareness!
Alternative for people without Facebook accounts:
Sign up to receive HMHI news updates.
Send an email to a friend or relative telling them you support Humility of Mary Housing. Include a link to our website: HumilityofMaryHousing.com

Tuesday, April 11 

Your selfie can make a difference! You take a selfie supporting HMHI and post it on social media. We’ll give you directions for a couple options.

Or, you could download one of our graphics to use on your Facebook page, Twitter, or to share on Instagram or Snapchat. If you don’t participate in social media: call, write, email a friend to tell them about HMHI. 

Wednesday, April 12  

Birdies for Charity logoThe John Deere Golf Classic, ‘Birdies for Charity’ pledge drive opens April 10. Sign up online to receive a Birdies pledge card in the mail. Through its fundraising event, John Deere supports many local agencies as well as the homeless children and single parents that HMHI assists. Take part and win prizes!

Thursday, April 13 

Donate/Challenge Day! $35 supports one family for one day in the HMHI program. We encourage you to donate any amount today. Use our secure PayPal online donation button. 

Friday, April 14

Help fill Pantry Shelves with non-food items! Find a product our families need from extras you already have at home. Or, donate any amount online. We’ll provide a list of products and items our families need, you give whatever you wish.

Saturday, April 15  International Micro Volunteer Day!

Promote the upcoming Spring Fresh Start Benefit Sale any way you’d like. Post our sale on your Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram account. You can download and print a flier and take it to work or a community bulletin board to post in the Quad Cities. The money earned at this sale provides a safe apartment for our families experiencing homelessness.

And to thank you…

We really appreciate your help! We’ll include your name in our Annual Report, with our gratitude. And, we have another (surprise!) reward awaiting those who complete the challenge. So, give it a try! And we’ll be nice to you in return.