Facing Homelessness in the Quad Cities ~ Frequently Asked Questions

Humility of Mary Housing, Inc. focuses exclusively on the issue of homelessness. It addresses the needs of single-parent families in the Quad Cities. The agency is well qualified to answer frequently asked questions [FAQs] about homelessness in the Quad Cities:

1). How many single-parent families in the Quad Cities seek out HMHI for services?

Humility of Mary Housing, Inc. serves about 80 families each year. We receive inquiries and applications from four times as many families as we are able to place in our program. The need for affordable housing in the Quad Cities area is evident to us every day.

2.) What other agencies help homeless families in the Quad Cities?

We work with a coalition of agencies that serve populations representing the spectrum of homelessness in the Quad Cities. As participants in the continuum of care consortium, we are one of several agencies who work cooperatively to address the multiple categories of support assistance that a community of our size needs. No other agency specializes in the specialized needs of single parent families who are homeless.

3.) I’d like to donate. What do you need?

Some items our families need on a daily basis are:

  • paper goods (toilet paper, napkins, paper towels, tissues)
  • cleaning supplies (trash bags, cleaning products)
  • personal hygiene products (diapers, baby wipes, personal care products)
  • food pantry items, kitchen products and dining ware
  • small household appliances, vacuum cleaners, electronics

During the Winter Holidays, the families can use support with gift-giving. At back-to-school time, the children need school supplies. During the summer, fans and window air conditioners are welcome.

For more details on usable items, see this post.

HMHI Homeless family

homeless toddler