Aspiring nurse seeks support

an aspiring nurse's school needs
We’re turning to the public for assistance so that one of our moms can learn to become a nurse. Donate to help!

mission accomplishedUPDATE August 20, 2015: THE GOAL IS MET! Thank you, HMHI Supporters, for providing the support that will allow this woman to start school with the materials she needs to succeed! WE ARE GRATEFUL TO YOU! No further donations are needed for this drive. However, you’re always welcome to contribute to continue our program, using the Donate Now button on this website.

One of our exemplary participants has earned a Pell Grant and secured her acceptance into nursing classes at Eastern Iowa Community College. She’s cleared some major challenges! Now, we’re asking for your assistance to help her purchase her back-to-school needs so she can take her place alongside other future nurses for the Quad Cities.

The nursing program requires students to come with equipment, a list that totals almost $650 worth of supplies. This includes a daunting list of essentials, including:

  • uniforms–tops  24.98 x 2   pants  20.78 x 2
  • lab coats  24.96 x 2
  • shoes–139.98

Many of the items specified for purchase need to be a particular brand or type, which minimizes the likelihood of finding those items in a good, used condition.

In an incredible effort, she has saved and also solicited help from her family and friends, and raised the majority of money needed. But we can’t expect the impossible from an individual woman who is battling homelessness. Helping her back to school is an investment in a brighter future for her family and for our community, too.

For this reason, we’re turning to our supporters–and to all Quad Cities residents who are counting on healing professionals to care for them on into the future. We are asking for free-will donations for this woman. She’s working hard to escape homelessness by securing a career that will support her and her family. She’s earned our support and respect.

Nurse Supplies, Nursing School Fund

If you’re able to contribute to her special back-to-school fund, please make your check payable to Humility of Mary Housing and designate “Nursing School” in the memo line. Checks received with this designation will go to our participant’s back-to-school fund. You can also contribute online by using the Donate Now button and attaching the “Nursing School” special instructions to HMHI when on the PayPal donation page. Call our office if you have any questions.

Thank you for considering this special request! With your help, we are creating a brighter future for the Quad Cities–one family at a time.

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