Spotlighting our partnering agencies: The continuum of care

We at Humility of Mary Housing are but one piece of a grand patchwork of care that spans the range of human need in the Quad Cities. As participants in the continuum of care consortium, we are one of many agencies who work cooperatively to address the multiple categories of support assistance that a community of our size needs.

Each agency specializes in what we each do best. Together we form a network of assistance that embraces the Quad Cities.

From time to time here on our new blog we want to highlight each of these partnering agencies. We want to do this for many reasons, but, most of all, we want

v  To share with you the good work that’s happening in our community,

v  To introduce you to our friends and colleagues who are human service providers, and

v  To show you how your support of what we do at HMHI –providing services to single parent families who are currently experiencing homelessness –is actually part of a whole fabric of care that stretches across our communities.

When you touch just one thread of a spider’s web, the entire web reverberates. So too, when you support us at HMHI, your assistance echoes throughout the Quad Cities. Because we are connected to the whole…we are one.

Our focus will be to describe how we at HMHI cooperate with and work with each spotlighted agency we present here, one agency at a time.

Appropriately enough, we wish to place the Continuum of Care spotlight first of all on our sister agency, Humility of Mary Shelter. Be watching for our next post when we highlight their fine work.

And, as always, we must close acknowledging that you, our supporters, provide the vitality and energy that powers all this good work. You make the continuum of care happen. We thank you!


Photo credit: jrparenteau

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