Our partners: the Continuum of Care

We’ve added a new page on Fostering Futures: a page of links to some of the groups we work with most closely.

You already know about the Continuum of Care group. Each agency is listed and linked. Each deals with some aspect of homelessness. We address the challenge united, with each of us working with one particular population that is afflicted with lack of housing here in the Quad Cities.

We each work with the group we are best equipped to assist.

Notice, too, that the civic community supports us in our efforts. The task is far too important for us to attempt to do it alone. Our community partners are a vital part of what we do here in the Quad Cities. So we have listed them as well.

The “unlisted partner” are the readers here–and the many people who support us in large and small ways. We appreciate you so much. Thanks for helping us help others who need a stable place to live.

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