Welcome to Fostering Futures!

Neighborhood spring flowers trumpet the arrival of our new blog!

At Humility of Mary Housing we’re about the work of building brighter tomorrows.

We love what we do: giving opportunities to single-parent families who are experiencing the insecurity and instability of life without a home.

Our transitional housing program allows them the safe space they need to reorganize and equip themselves to go forward into a better tomorrow. The nurturing space we offer can be just what they need to become self-sufficient.

Our greatest joy is seeing families leave our program to move into housing of their own choosing.

In this ongoing journal we call “Fostering Futures” we want to share with you some of the pieces that contribute to those brighter tomorrows.

And…(never forget this!): You are an important part of the process!

So we welcome you to our new site on the internet. We hope that this will be a place where we will:

  • Show some personal glimpses of who we are and what we do
  • Introduce you to some of the wonderful people who help us
  • Share news and information that affects our families and our work, and
  • Provide opportunities for you to partner with us in our important work.

Come back and visit us often. Let’s foster some brighter futures together!

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