Davenport City Council Resolution Honors Efforts to Vanquish Homelessness

City of Davenport resolution
City of Davenport resolution honors survivors of homelessness, photo taken in council chamber on June 21, 2017. Photo: (L-R) John De Taeye, Humility of Mary; Michael Gayman, Catholic Worker House and The Center; Kim Brown, Quad City Harm Reduction; City of Davenport Mayor Frank J. Klipsch; Margot Hary, The Center.

Over the last several months Humility of Mary Housing and Shelter have convened community planning sessions with service providers and advocates who work with persons and families experiencing homelessness. The group is committed to building and sustaining a collaborative approach to reduce homelessness. They also want to increase the availability of home opportunities for extremely low income persons and families and persons living with severe mental health and substance use challenges. Success requires all of us working together!


“From Darkness to Light: Honoring Survival and Resilience”
June 21, 2017 Summer Solstice Resolution

WHEREAS, on any given day hundreds of Davenport residents including kids, families, and single adults are living in precarious, temporary living situations and as a result can be defined as “homeless”;

WHEREAS, the City of Davenport respects the inherent dignity and worth of all persons, especially residents living at the lowest income levels;

WHEREAS, the City of Davenport understands providing safe, quality short-term emergency shelters for extremely low-income residents, and increasing longer-term housing options for very low-income residents can reduce homelessness in Davenport;

WHEREAS, the City of Davenport knows mental health treatment and substance use treatment can help prevent homelessness and enable people to move out of homelessness;

WHEREAS, the City of Davenport recognizes ordinances that may expose homeless persons to heightened law enforcement actions can result in arrests and thus, additional barriers to securing employment and housing;

WHEREAS, the City of Davenport embraces harm reduction programs including ready availability of naloxone;

WHEREAS, the City of Davenport joins the National Health Care for the Homeless Council and New York City, Baltimore, Miami and several other cities across the United States in the June 21 Summer Solstice “From Darkness to Light: Honoring Survival and Resilience” observance;

BE IT RESOLVED, the City of Davenport joins the Quad City Shelter and Transitional Housing Council, business owners, and faith leaders in recognition of the June 21, 2017 Summer Solstice “From Darkness to Light: Honoring Survival and Resilience” as we honor our homeless residents Davenport who on a daily basis demonstrate resilience and strength;

BE IT RESOLVED, the City of Davenport is committed to end homelessness not only for individuals, but also as a society, with affordable housing, adequate incomes, health care, and supportive services.

BE IT RESOLVED, the City of Davenport honors the women, men and children who have overcome homelessness despite the odds, which give us the hope that together we can find the strength to create the political will to end homelessness for everyone. The fight for justice comes not from despair; it comes from hope – the hope that we can achieve Justice.

View a video news clip of the Summer Solstice Celebration event: http://www.ourquadcities.com/news/people-who-overcame-being-homeless-celebrated-in-davenport/748468675?ei

An album of photos of the Summer Solstice Celebration event midday event is available on our Flickr page.

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More than 50 volunteers helped us: United Way Day of Caring

United Way Day Of Caring team
This United Way Day of Caring team did outreach work for us in Rock Island.

by Patti Trapp, Volunteer Coordinator for HMHI and Humility of Mary Shelter

volunteer yardwork
Yard work at property sites helps prepare homes for families in need.

Today was the semi-annual Spring 2017 United Way Day of Caring. We at HMHI greatly benefitted from the volunteer work participants contributed. We sincerely thank all our United Way Day of Caring Volunteers! Today, we had teams from area businesses as well as individuals in attendance. We thank John Deere, John Deere retirees, St. Ambrose University, Quad City Raiders and Triumph Bank who sent groups to assist us with so many projects.

Fortunately, today’s weather was perfect for a work day! We had volunteers painting an apartment, doing yard work, power washing home exteriors, planting a community garden and doing community outreach. Over 50 people participated in groups supporting Humility of Mary Housing and Humility of Mary Shelter—as well as the people we serve who are experiencing homelessness and working hard to escape its grip.

The Day of Caring Rock Island Outreach project got off to a great start this morning! Fifteen very enthusiastic volunteers covered the downtown neighborhood, distributing over 300 brochures, Helping With Humor fliers, and outreach cards.

Volunteer projects like these are invaluable to HMHI/HMSI. The volume of work that we have in property management alone is overwhelming at times. So, we are grateful for every volunteer and every hour that is so generously given.

Last fiscal year (7/1/15 through 6/30/16) 236 volunteers gave over 6000 hours to HMHI. In addition, volunteers served us through the AARP, RSVP, community service, workman’s comp-rehab programs and area schools!  

See United Way’s website for details on the next Day of Caring event which will take place here in the fall. Remember….volunteer opportunities are ongoing at HMHI! For details call Patti: 563-326-1330 x 105.

United Way of the Quad Cities says: “Today, we engaged 900 volunteers in 56 projects, a true testament of how when we work together, we all win!”

garden groundskeepers team
Teams of hard workers accomplished a tremendous amount of work today.