Local family recovers from domestic violence through HMHI program

Laureen and her two children survive domestic violence
Laureen and her children are overcoming challenges and creating a better future with the help of the Humility of Mary supportive housing program.

Laureen and her two children, Andre and Andrea, are survivors of domestic violence who currently participate in our supportive housing program. This family inspires us as they work hard to heal the damage left from the chaos of their former life. Laureen says she’s learning now to take each day, each step, deliberately, and to choose the best path possible for herself and her children. When interviewed, Laureen candidly explained how she adressed and sought for mental health issues in this recovery process. Now she’s pursuing more education to help her better manage her family’s finances.

Domestic violence leads to homelessness for many families. The Humility of Mary program becomes a lifeline to single-parents who come to grips with the issue and move forward determinedly toward a better future. Laureen’s own words explain what this means on a personal level:

The Humility of Mary Housing program has become a Beacon of Hope for me and my family. As an expectant single mother with two teens I so appreciate HMHI. Everyone–from the secretary to the director, and even the volunteers–everyone has been a wonderful blessing to me and my family. With their support, we have housing and all our basic needs are covered.

We feel safe and we have a better hope for our future with the help and support of this program.

I believe homelessness should be a thing of the past. I believe this program needs all the sponsors and support available, because HMHI takes on many different kinds of families in need: those with mental health issues, domestic violence victims, and more.

Housing support is most important in trying times, as there is no longer affordable housing in the Quad Cities area. This program is such a blessing to this city, and the help they have given to generations of families to prosper is incredible. I believe supporting Humility of Mary Housing is well worth the financial investment, in all aspects, for the future of families in crisis in the Quad Cities.

The continued support of the generous individuals and organizations that make our work possible create a better future for families in our community. Domestic violence, a cruel reality, can be survived. Futures are transformed at Humility of Mary Housing, through community support.

Davenport chiropractor’s promotion benefits HMHI

Dr. Marty Stine and family
Dr. Marty Stine and family (Photo courtesy of Stine Chiropractic)

Davenport chiropractor Dr. Marty Stine is offering an incentive to patients at Stine Chiropractic that will benefit HMHI’s single-parent families. Simply by donating four canned or boxed food items that will benefit participants of Humility of Mary Housing, Inc. participants, patients can receive a free exam and consultation with the doctor.

Stine Chiropractic opened a new office that’s conveniently located in downtown Davenport at 400 Main Street, Suite 401 [click here to view map].

Dr. Stine is a Palmer graduate who offers patients 15 years experience of family based chiropractic care. His offer is valid until June 30, so phone 563/324-8888 soon to make your appointment.

Food donations will go directly to our pantry, supplying the kitchens of families participating in our program. Receiving the assistance of donated food and household necessities allows our families to align their resources to move more rapidly toward housing stability.

Dr. Stine’s generous offer represents just one of the myriad ways our supporters contributions turn housing independence from being simply a possibility into a reality for our participants.

Changing lives is a challenging goal, but with the support of both our Quad Cities community and also many others from afar, we do see lives changing for the better: children given brighter futures, single parents upheld and strengthened.

We’re grateful for Dr. Stine’s support. And that reminds us to say that we are grateful–and inspired–by the creative ways our committed benefactors contribute to help our program’s families. Thank you all!