About HMHI

Humility of Mary Housing serves approximately 80 families annually. Its services benefit approximately 150 children in the Quad Cities during any year. Humility of Mary Housing, Inc received the 2014 Better Business Bureau Integrity Award for outstanding ethical service.

HMHI receives referrals to over four times the number of families as it can service. We can place only a fraction of those who express interest or apply due to limited funding and space. The numbers speak for themselves: homelessness remains a horrifying reality for too many in our community.

HMHI Mission Statement

HMHI is a supportive and highly structured living program for families. Parents set goals to increase their education or job training. In so doing, they also increase their potential for earned income. This could potentially allow them to secure and maintain fair-market housing and support them selves and their children.

HMHI subsidizes each family in the program. Daily rent and programming expenses are approximately $35 per family. This subsidy is an investment in lives, an investment that will eventually return productive, contributing members to the Quad Cities community. Humility of Mary Housing, Inc.’s work enriches and improves the quality of life in the civic community. 

History and Growth

CHM logoThe Congregation (Sisters) of the Humility of Mary founded Humility of Mary Housing, Inc. (HMHI) in response to the unmet need of affordable housing in the Quad City area. In 1990 HMHI became a separate corporation.

HMHI began with one four-plex building that housed four young mothers and their four babies. The director’s office was in the basement. Today, HMHI has 49 apartments (two are reserved for site managers) in 15 different locations in Davenport. Another site houses the staff offices, a food pantry and a repository of furniture and household items for the participating families.